Eye of Odin
Spellbinding VR Action in the
midst of Ragnarok

Become Odin, and use his powerful knowledge of the arcane arts to stop the army of undead.

Ragnarok, the end of days, has come and gone, but in the reborn worlds not all is right. Now the only artifact capable of restoring the nine realms - The mythical Eye of Odin - lies in your hands.

"Eye of Odin" is a complete experience designed exclusively for virtual reality, offering tower-defence inspired first person spell casting gameplay. Armed with an arsenal of magical artifacts from Norse mythology, you will face off against the forces of Hel in this visceral action adventure.

Spell Casting Action

Use the power of the Norse Gods to vanquish your enemies.

You are Odin

Take on the role of Odin to prevent the destruction of all the nine worlds.

Active Gameplay

Use motion controllers to their full potential to throw, aim, lift, yank, pull, teleport. Move effortlessly around the map with zero motion sickness.

Man the towers

Move around the tower defense inspired map layout to maintain the advantage over your enemies at all times.


Emberlight AS is a Norwegian VR startup with a focus on crafting fantastic tales in believable worlds. We are a team of four vikings and a yankee with a broad range of games industry experience. We are working on our first game "Eye of Odin" which will be released in Early Access in Q2 2017. We have several more VR games in the pipeline for PC and mobile VR.



We craft worlds and tell fantastic tales from them. Every time you put on your VR headset, we take you to a faraway world and allow you to experience wonderful things.


We gather and share knowledge about VR. We hope to do our part to push the entire medium forward.


We are committed to exploring the full potential of VR. We believe that we as an industry have only scratched the surface of what VR and AR can do.


It's for the gamers.


We are a team of six vikings and a yankee with a broad range of games industry experience.

Bjarne Rene


Bjarne is excited about the crazy potential of VR and AR and the worlds and experiences they enable.

Ravn Ivarson

Lead Programmer

Ravn has a passion for well organised code that he somehow manages to push out with lightning speed.

Iver Finne

Art and Design

Iver creates models and animations by day, and designs entire civilizations at night.

Brad McAtee

Writer and Designer

Brad creates worlds from words, and then uses his design skills to implement them.

Patrik Jarlestam

Sound and Music

We were not around to hear what Ragnarok sounded like. We get the feeling Patrik was.

Press Kit

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We welcome you to our worlds!